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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Should You Be Worried About Your Parent Driving A Car?

Americans are living longer than ever before due to healthier lifestyles, greater awareness about nutrition, increased exercise, and more advanced medications. If seniors are active in the community or playing tennis today, then when do they become too old to get behind the wheel of their car?

Aging, no matter how healthy they are, slows down their physical and neurological mobility. Simple everyday tasks, once easy to perform, become more daunting. Slowly, our independence is robbed as aging gives way, leaving driving as one of the last frontiers of freedom we have. This makes it hard to tell a parent or loved one that they shouldn't drive anymore because their ability is impaired and they're a danger to themselves and others. If they don't recognize it themselves they'll not only be hurt by the accusation but insulted as well. Expect them to put up a fight.

Read this article for a few things to consider on before you make the decision.

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